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About Me! UPDATED! 2-3-15

  UPDATED! 2-3-15

   Hello Everyone, I'm Diane Maedge the author of this blog Crafty Young Mama. I will be posting all sorts of things on here, tutorials, reviews, giveaways, stories, ideas, recipes, etc. If there is something you want to see posted on my blog email me & Ill see if its something I can blog about. Or if you have any questions about any product or tutorials please email me & I will help you as soon as I can. 

     The blog name says a lot about me already but here's some more information about me: I love being creative, & making homemade things. I make all sorts of homemade things from food to clothes to jewelry to headbands. Also, I cloth diaper my son; I LOVE CLOTH DIAPERING!! I love sewing, crochet, painting, drawing, mixed media, cooking, etc. I'm willing to try almost any kind of art. I'm also in the process of starting my own business "Maedge Designs" you can find it on Facebook. The most important thing to know about me is I love being a mom & wife. I am a very lucky lady & I appreciate the things & people in my life.

About me!
Hello, I'm Diane, I'm a stay at home mom of a 3 year old boy Alakaid, & a 1 year old daughter Alice. I'm currently expecting baby #3 in August 2015. Me & my husband Austin have been married for almost 4 years. We have 2 puppies, Lettie & Cullen. & my son also has a pet hamster named Farmer Pickles.
I am a cloth diapering, babywearing, breastfeeding, essential oil using mama. Im a crunchy & natural mama, but still live a normal lifestyle as well. I have had a vaginal birth with my son, an emergency csection with inverted t (attempted natural vaginal birth) with my daughter, & am currently hoping to have a vbac with inverted t with baby #3.
I love to crochet, sew, draw, & pretty much any other type of crafts. I am currently doing homeschool preschool with my toddler, & have been using my own curriculum that I have found from  online resources for free. 
I will be posting blog posts of all sorts; from diy tutorials to food recipes to crochet  patter to product reviews.

Feel free to email me at:

Diane Maedge

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