Saturday, January 4, 2014

My FREE PRINTABLE Gdiaper Patterns!

I have finally had the time to upload my mock gdiaper patterns to the Internet.

These patterns are free to print. If you sell the product you make from these patterns you must link back to this blog! These are my patterns, do not sell these patterns!

These diapers can also be used as a fitted diaper if you lay an insert in them, and put a cover over it.  You can also make the pouches & add snaps to other diapers, like fitted diapers or pocket diapers, this is a great idea for delaminated diapers or ugly, old diapers, & snap a pouch in so that it works like a gdiaper.

I will be experimenting with the patterns & trying to use other fabrics to create a gdiaper. Since these diapers are not one size diapers, I think they will work with other fabrics & I have several ideas. I also have experimented with the pouches, I sewed a pouch into a newborn fitted I bought really cheap, I haven't been able to test it out yet but I should have that post up within the next week.

Also, before you print the patterns please read the printing guidelines or you will not print it correctly!!! & here is the link to my blog post for the information for my patterns, & the tutorial you should follow to make these.

This is my 13 day old baby girl wearing the preemie gdiaper I made, I was just trying it on her to see how it fit, shes 6lbs, & has been in preemie clothes, none of her newborn clothes or diapers (cloth or disposable) fit her. I made this diaper to velcro in the back instead of the front. This does not have a pouch in it in this picture. I can use this diaper as a fitted diaper & just lay an insert or prefold inside of it & put a cover over it. Or I can add a snap in pouch with an insert or prefold.

More to come about cloth diapers; patterns, styles, cleaning, reviews, & budget cloth diapering.

If you have any questions about the patterns please comment or email me. I would love to see finished products of this pattern & also feedback for the patterns as well, leave a comment or email me.

Good Luck!


When PRINTING the patterns make sure the PAGE SCALING is set to NONE, & it is NOT set to AUTO-ROTATE & CENTER PAGES. If the settings are not correct it will not print the correct size!!!
Also, after you print your patterns I recommend you write the measurements on the inside of the pattern so you know what the measurements are supposed to be, some of the measurements I wrote on the outside.

Large Part 1:

Large Part 2:

Medium Part 1:

Medium Part 2:




Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Birth Story with baby #2, Alice..

**Edited. & now includes photos. **

I have had one crazy year this past year. 2013 has had very many surprises for me & my family. In April we found out I was pregnant with baby #2. It was a very emotional time for me, I didn't want to be pregnant, we had planned on waiting until our son was 2, we had planned on discussing when to try in the beginning of 2014. Our son turned 2 in October, so that part we are glad happened before our daughter arrived. We were really happy when we found out we were having a girl. The pregnancy was really hard on me, I was sick a lot, having contractions for several months because of infections. and just not happy.
Well I had my baby girl on Christmas Eve & this is what happened when I was in labor & delivery.

I went to my last prenatal appointment on Friday, December 20th, in which my midwife Tammy told me that she thought she would be seeing me that weekend to deliver the baby, because of how far down the baby was. I was also dilated at 3cm, & the week before this I was dilated at 2 1/2cm. So I went to work on Saturday & I did fine at work. On Monday my contractions started at about 3pm, we went Christmas shopping for awhile, & I was hurting the entire time. At 8pm my contractions started to get worse. I tried everything to get comfortable & try to make the pain manageable. I bounced & sat on my exercise ball, took a long warm bath, cleaned, walked, laid down, & did some hypnobirthing techniques. I told Austin several times that our daughter was coming that night or the next day. He didn't believe me.

At 2am I woke up Austin & told him that I think its time we go to the hospital. The pain was insane, & I started to cry because Austin was taking his sweet time because he didn't think I really was in labor, & he was making me upset. So he called my sister to come stay with Alakaid. We went to the hospital & I knew the baby was coming soon, because I could barely walk. The security guards smiled, opened the doors, & said good luck.

The nurses asked all sorts of questions of course & checked to see how far dilated I was, she said 9cm & I replied oh, thank god. Dr. Sanford came in, checked me, broke my water, & told me they wanted me to push. It all happened so fast Austin didn't even know she had broken my water. I told the doctor that I didn't feel like I had to push but she insisted that I push anyways. So I began pushing & after a few minutes they said they could see her head. And then her heartbeat dropped from 140 to 30, and everyone began to freak out, including me. I made Austin go sit in the couch because, once again, he looked like he was about to pass out. I was loosing a lot of blood (I'm anemic) & I was gasping for air so they put an oxygen mask on me. The entire time I was in labor & delivery I was very nauseous, & that definitely made things worse. The doctor said they will have to do an emergency c-section if I couldn't push her out, & that I need to start pushing better.

The nurses were encouraging me to push & telling me that I was doing great, they were helping support me as well. While the doctor was saying that I wasn't pushing good enough, & that I wasn't doing good at pushing, & that my pushing wasn't doing anything, which was making me extremely upset, because I felt like I was failing. The doctor decided they were going to try to use the vacuum to pull her out while I was pushing. That was extremely painful! She was moving it so roughly, it started to freak me out. & then they had turn on my side & push, which didn't work so they had me get on my hands and knees & try pushing that way. Then the babies heartbeat dropped to 20, & that's when the doctor decided they were going to do an emergency c-section. As they were getting things ready & explaining what was going to happen to me they made me keep pushing to try to get her out.

When they were cleaning up around me to move me, I couldn't believe all the blood on the towels and sheet, when I saw that I knew that's why I felt so exhausted. The anaesthesiologist came in, asked me questions & explained that they were going to have to put me to sleep because their wasn't enough time to do a spinal tap. They also said that Austin would not be allowed in the room & that once they were ready to get started on the surgery they would come get him & he could sit in a chair outside of the door. They moved me into the surgical room so fast that I didn't even realize I was in there until they told me to scoot over onto this tiny table. At this point my entire body was shaking so bad I was falling off of the table, from the pain because I wasn't allowed to push through the contractions, so they had to strap me to the table. I kept begging them to get her out & make sure shes ok, & to make the pain stop, & telling them that I was very nauseous. I remember the anaesthesiologist being at the top of my head yelling for them to hurry up the doctor, because I kept fading in & out of conciseness. I couldn't see anything because they had an oxygen mask over my face & me laying flat strapped to the table but I remember them cutting off my gown & cleaning my entire stomach, & hearing the anaesthesiologist talking to me & yelling at everyone to hurry up. Then the anaesthesiologist yelled "We're ready, tell her to hurry the fuck up & lets get this show on the road." I couldn't believe he said that, & he kept cussing at everyone, I was in shock & I wanted to laugh but I couldn't. Then the anaesthesiologist told me that I would fall asleep in a couple seconds & that I would wake up & be able to hold my baby.

The next thing I know I'm having a dream (I have no clue what it was about), & then I remember hearing the anaesthesiologist saying my name, & I opened my eyes & say him looking at me, & he began to talk to me & ask me questions, I don't remember what he said though. 
**This part had been edited because I forgot about it. ***
They had to intibate me after i was put asleep, & the nurse told me to cough & the next thing I know, as I'm coming too, shes pulling the tube out of my throat & I began choking & it hurt so bad!! 

Then as I started to fully wake up several of the nurses came in & told me that my baby girl is beautiful & that I did great, & that my baby is doing great, & she is perfect. Then the doctor came in & said that she had to do extra cutting on my uterus & that if I ever have another baby I will have to have another c-section because they had complications. When she said that I started to cry & felt extremely upset, but I immediately put that out of my mind & asked about my baby, I knew I couldn't handle that devastating news at that moment. She said that I will be in a lot of pain for awhile & that they were going to get me very strong pain medication. She then said she would come back later, when I was fully awake & explain what happened, then she left, thank god. The nurse, who was my favorite nurse because she was absolutely amazing the entire process & also the head nurse at that time, started explaining to that I did absolutely great, & that the baby was stuck that's why I couldn't push her out, & that Austin was with our baby girl & they would be in their to see me soon.

Austin came in first & I was so happy to see him, I immediately asked about our baby of course. Then they brought Alice in & I started to cry when they gave me her & she started to breastfeed rite away. I was so happy & thankful she was ok. I couldn't believe how small she was, & how much she looked like Alakaid. The nurse told me why her head was so swollen & why it was badly bruised. It was because she had rotated inside of me when I was pushing, & when they used the vacuum on her head it was on the front of her head instead of the back like it was supposed to be.

Then after an hour I finally got my pain medication, which didn't help. After another hour I was finally able to be moved up stairs to my post-partum room. They finally got me 2 different pain medications to help with the pain & it took awhile for them to work but once I started taking them regularly they helped a lot.

The next day (Christmas day) one of the nurses came in to check on me and Alice, & also the anaesthesiologist came back to check on me & ask if me & Austin had any questions, they both were extremely nice! The nurse was actually the nurse who had been there helping support me when I was delivering both of my children, & she was the one who told me & Austin that Alakaid would have to be taken to Cardinal Glennon after he was born.

We asked my favorite nurse what exactly happened when she came in to check on me & Alice, because she was there helping when they did the c-section, and she explained to us that while I was pushing Alice had rotated, & got wedged in between my bones. Then the doctor had finally came in to talk to us, & she said that she had to do extra cutting because Alice was really stuck & there wasn't enough room to get her out, so she had to cut my uterus horizontal & vertical, like a t shape, to open it up, she then pulled Alice up, rotated her so her face was facing down, & pulled her out feet first. She said that if Alice wouldn't have gotten stuck she would have came out face up instead of face down like normal. She said that Alice had a hard time breathing when she first came out, but then after a few minutes she was fine.

It was a rough, traumatic experience. The fact that I will have to have another c-section if I have another baby makes me not want to have any more children at all. We had planned on only 2 kids, but leaving it an open decision in case we were to change our mind in the future, & now I don't want to at all. Because as many of you know I had planned on a natural birth & I am extremely proud of myself because I went through the entire labor & delivery without any pain medications. I labored for 12 hours by myself, and if I wouldn't have decided I needed to go to the hospital at 2am I probably would have had my baby at home. I still can't believe that I was dilated at 9 cm & didn't even think my labor was that far along. I am so proud of myself, & I know now that if I set my mind to something then I can do anything I want.

I am currently breastfeeding! YAY!! This time breastfeeding is going perfect!! When they handed her to me for the first time she latched on rite away & I was so happy I cried! I will be posting more about breastfeeding in the future.

So I hope this answered everyone's questions about what happened, & our birth story. :)