Saturday, January 4, 2014

My FREE PRINTABLE Gdiaper Patterns!

I have finally had the time to upload my mock gdiaper patterns to the Internet.

These patterns are free to print. If you sell the product you make from these patterns you must link back to this blog! These are my patterns, do not sell these patterns!

These diapers can also be used as a fitted diaper if you lay an insert in them, and put a cover over it.  You can also make the pouches & add snaps to other diapers, like fitted diapers or pocket diapers, this is a great idea for delaminated diapers or ugly, old diapers, & snap a pouch in so that it works like a gdiaper.

I will be experimenting with the patterns & trying to use other fabrics to create a gdiaper. Since these diapers are not one size diapers, I think they will work with other fabrics & I have several ideas. I also have experimented with the pouches, I sewed a pouch into a newborn fitted I bought really cheap, I haven't been able to test it out yet but I should have that post up within the next week.

Also, before you print the patterns please read the printing guidelines or you will not print it correctly!!! & here is the link to my blog post for the information for my patterns, & the tutorial you should follow to make these.

This is my 13 day old baby girl wearing the preemie gdiaper I made, I was just trying it on her to see how it fit, shes 6lbs, & has been in preemie clothes, none of her newborn clothes or diapers (cloth or disposable) fit her. I made this diaper to velcro in the back instead of the front. This does not have a pouch in it in this picture. I can use this diaper as a fitted diaper & just lay an insert or prefold inside of it & put a cover over it. Or I can add a snap in pouch with an insert or prefold.

More to come about cloth diapers; patterns, styles, cleaning, reviews, & budget cloth diapering.

If you have any questions about the patterns please comment or email me. I would love to see finished products of this pattern & also feedback for the patterns as well, leave a comment or email me.

Good Luck!


When PRINTING the patterns make sure the PAGE SCALING is set to NONE, & it is NOT set to AUTO-ROTATE & CENTER PAGES. If the settings are not correct it will not print the correct size!!!
Also, after you print your patterns I recommend you write the measurements on the inside of the pattern so you know what the measurements are supposed to be, some of the measurements I wrote on the outside.

Large Part 1:

Large Part 2:

Medium Part 1:

Medium Part 2:




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