Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Our 1976 Jayco Jayeagle Pop Up Camper - Before Remodel

A few weeks ago we purchased a 1976 Jayco JayEagle Pop Up Camper. It's 40 years old, & needs some work. We purchased it for $200 from a friends son. We plan to make the remodel as cheap as possible, but we also want it done right. We started cleaning & working on this right away after buying it. We are very excited about this.

We are going on vacation next month in July, but I can't go into specific details about our trip, other than we are going camping, about 6 1/2 hours away from home. When my husband planned our trip he was supposed to do it before July, not during, because we already have a lot going on that month, & need to start saving & planning to buy a house. But all of that is being put on hold so we can have a nice vacation. Some might think camping isn't a vacation, well for us, it will be.

Our kids are very excited too. We have not been camping since I was pregnant with Alice, which was terrible because I was so sick, & the heat made it way worse. Tent camping was horrible, raccoons got into our tent & got into our stuff & ate our food & made a huge mess. It was not fun. Plus our tent is a 2-3 person tent & will NOT fit all of us in it, so it was either we buy a new $200 tent or we try to find a cheap under $400 pop up camper. I searched craigslist, Facebook groups & only found 3 pop up campers for $400. They need a ton of work too. So I posted a Facebook status asking if anyone has or knows anyone who has a camper for sale, & to my surprise a friend replied yes. & then we ended up buying it.

So here are some pictures & a video of the camper. A lot of people kept asking me about what it looked like on the inside & the condition it was in when we first got it. I have not yet had the chance to make this post so I figured today I would because its 97 degrees outside today, & I do not feel like doing any work today.

Please excuse my very forgetfulness in this video, I was very tired, as Alexander has been keeping me up at night because he is teething.

So here are some pictures!

Pictures from our first time seeing it.

After buying it & hooking it up to the truck to take it home. Very exciting for us!

Everyone ready to start scrubbing the outside, & get cleaning it. 

It was so dirty!

Needs new tires ASAP!

& here is the video I made before cleaning all the crap out of it. 
(Like I said before, excuse my forgetfulness.)

More pictures & updates to come as we get this camper remodeled!

-Crafty Young Mama
  Diane Maedge