Tuesday, August 15, 2017

DIY School Supply Cake, plus Teacher & Bus driver gifts.

Last month my 5 year old son started Kindergarten! I was very excited but mostly nervous. A few months ago I came across a school supply cake & decided I would make one for my sons Kindergarten class. I almost didn't make one, because of money, but luckily we had grandparents help buy some of his school supplies & I also started babysitting. So I was able to have enough school supplies to make this. I also had a lot of stuff left over from our homeschool supplies that I had purchased from Target last year when they had it 90% off, so most of that went into the teacher's gift. I also shopped the sales at Office Depot/Max last year & this year too, so we have plenty of extra notebooks, & folders.

To begin, I took the rest of the school supplies that had to be taken to school but wouldn't fit in my sons backpack, & the extras I bought & put his school supply cake together. It took me about 3 hours total to make it, however, I kept getting interrupted by kids every other minute so I worked on it throughout the day. I added the final touches the next morning, which was hot gluing the ribbon, & making the mini chalkboard. I was not able to take pictures of the whole process unfortunately, but I did take a few in the beginning. I'll explain how I put it together in the video. Here's some pictures from my thought process though. I'm also going to add a video on my Youtube channel as well. I'll post a link at the bottom of this post.

The final products!

  School Supply Cake!

Teachers candy jar gift.

 Teachers school supply gift.

 Bus drivers gift (not including the bottle of water).

Mini chalkboard I made.

Here's the video of me telling you how I put it together. Excuse my brain not working that day. & also my camera stopped working & didn't record at the very end while showing you the rest of the teacher & bus driver gifts. The screen froze so it didn't record the rest of the few things left in the school supply cake, & also the bus drivers gift. However, you can see the pictures here in this post.


These were a huge hit this evening at my sons Meet the teacher night. His teacher loved the gifts, & was very surprised. No one else had brought anything like these.

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-CraftyYoungMama (Diane)