Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Sprouting Flower Bulbs Indoors


I have a gardening trick for those who want to grow flowers from bulbs. This process actually has a name, it's called Forcing Bulbs. There are a TON of different terms I have learned over the past 2 months about gardening. I have been learning so many different things. I will be sharing some of it here on my blog. 

These are dollar tree bulbs. Your supposed to plant these in February, I was a little late on getting mine & starting them. So this is an extremely easy way of getting them started!

First you take your dried out bulb & carefully peel the dried outer layer, just like an onion, I like doing this because it makes it less messy when transplanting, & it makes the water less nasty looking.

Top of Bulb (Pointy side)

Bottom of Bulb (You can see some tiny roots, by peeling the "dead skin" off this helps those little roots get more water faster, which means faster roots growing, which means faster sprouting.)

Put them in a clear container (make sure the pointy side is facing up & they are not on top of each other).

Last just add water to a little halfway up the bulbs. Keep adding water as needed.

I put these in water on Friday (3-2-18), & these pictures I just took today (3-6-18), you can see the roots growing! So you can see how fast they grow once & start to sprout once you do this.

Once they start to sprout make sure to put them next to a window so they can get some sun. I have mine next to my kitchen window.

I plan to transplant them outside after they get several inches of green stems on them.

You can actually grow them inside like this. A lot of people add pretty gems & rocks to the bottom especially after the roots grow long, so they don't get smashed. But I don't plan to keep them inside, if you do then make sure you add a good amount of gems or rocks to bottom so the roots have plenty of space to grow & get water.

This is a great way to start bulbs & to get them to grow fast if you are really late in the Spring season!

These also make a great table centerpiece decor once they bloom. For more ideas on how to do this or make it look pretty search "force bulbs" on google, bing, or pinterest. There are tons of images of people sharing their ideas too.

Happy Gardening! Feel free to share your comments below.

-Crafty Young Mama

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