Monday, December 30, 2019

UPDATE About ME & My Awesome Christmas Gift That is LIFE Changing!!

Hey Everyone!!!

I just wanted to give everyone an update about what has been happening in my life! It has been a crazy year! Divorced, Remarried (yes, I am crazy & in love), moved back to my home town, & am trying to make my life better for myself & my 3 kids & husband. I am currently getting ready to send my new husband Ethan off on his year long Deployment overseas to Afghanistan. Yes, I married a Soldier! Army National Guard Soldier to be exact. & I am now an Army wife, something I said I'd never do, I did. It's amazing how life works like that. Most everything you say you wouldn't do, you end up doing. Like driving a van, I LOVE my Honda Odyssey. 😂 #momlife

Anyways, my life has changed, A LOT! & I am so happy! I have such a great support system! With new changes in my life comes new changes in this BLOG! 

I will be making blog posts regularly, & videos. So be sure to Follow me & sign up for my emails so you know when I post NEW things!! & FOLLOW me on Pinterest & Facebook! The Pinterest is my personal account so you will see everything I am interested in, including tons of motherhood & wifey things not just craft stuff. 👦👦👧👨👩

I am extremely excited to get to start doing what I actually wanted to do years ago with this blog & my time! 

Onto the 2nd best Christmas gift I've ever received (We all know my daughter will always be the best Christmas gift I've received.)

This year for Christmas my amazing husband Ethan bought me a Cricut Explore Air 2!!!! I am in LOVE with the machine, and my husband! 😍😉

(Excuse the stuff in the background, my craft area is in my daughter's room.)

I am super excited about this machine! I want to show everyone my first projects I have made with it. So I'll be making another post with those projects! So be sure you follow me!

 I have been testing the different functions every day, & learning so much about the machine & Cricut Design Space. So you can expect WAY MORE posts on this blog, as this is something I WILL be working on now. 

I plan to use this amazing machine to make awesome projects & sell them online, & locally in the future. And of course to make homemade gifts to give to family & friends! And making decor & other things for my family too. 

This blog will be changing & be updated regularly. Soon I will be buying my own domain as well!

Leave me a comment below with any thoughts or ideas you have for me to post on here! What you want to know or see more about!

🤍 Crafty Young Mama

Saturday, May 25, 2019

My DIY Wheelbarrow Planter!

Gardening 2019 is off to a busy start for me! I have so many new projects I am working on. I just finished (almost) this wheelbarrow planter & wanted to share it with everyone.

I scored this OLD wheelbarrow for FREE last year. I immediately knew I wanted to turn it into a planter. It took me some time to do it but I have finally got it done.

I added some Proven Winners Calibrachoa flowers I scored on clearance at Lowe's that I put in a plastic dollar tree pot. I was going to use the green one in the bottom of the picture because it was broken but it is full of bulbs & I didn't feel like trying to switch the pots & plants. 

 I put one of the beautiful geode mineral type rocks that we got last summer from a place in Missouri. I added the cute little owl, he is supposed to be one that scares squirrels & other animals away, he makes owl sounds.  
 In the front left corner I added in a dianthus flower I had gotten on clearance. & as you can see on the right I have another one I just got but haven't added it into the soil yet. I'll be doing that this weekend. 
That weed you see is now out of there! This is right under a that has the little "airplanes" that come down & sprout everywhere. Ugh!
 Then I added in some cottage garden flower sprouts that I had winter sown in a milk jug behind the dianthus & in front of the rock. I then sprinkled a bunch of seeds in the soil, I can't remember exactly what they were because it was a big box from dollar tree & I sprinkled 2 different ones around that area.
 The wheelbarrow has rust on the inside so I added a piece of garden fabric to the bottom before adding the soil.
The last pictures are the very first pictures I took. & the first pictures are the last pictures I took. LOL. 

I loved making this, it's fun & I absolutely adore the different colors. I can't wait until all of the flowers are blooming!!! Do you have a wheelbarrow planter in your garden? Leave a comment below & let me know if you do & what you think of mine.

Some upcoming posts will be:
Fountain planter
Dollar Tree Plant Pots
Cute indoor planters
Planting Bulbs in Dollar Tree Pots
Garden Updates
Koi Pond Updates
& many more DIYs & tutorials!

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-CraftyYoungMama (Diane)