Saturday, May 25, 2019

My DIY Wheelbarrow Planter!

Gardening 2019 is off to a busy start for me! I have so many new projects I am working on. I just finished (almost) this wheelbarrow planter & wanted to share it with everyone.

I scored this OLD wheelbarrow for FREE last year. I immediately knew I wanted to turn it into a planter. It took me some time to do it but I have finally got it done.

I added some Proven Winners Calibrachoa flowers I scored on clearance at Lowe's that I put in a plastic dollar tree pot. I was going to use the green one in the bottom of the picture because it was broken but it is full of bulbs & I didn't feel like trying to switch the pots & plants. 

 I put one of the beautiful geode mineral type rocks that we got last summer from a place in Missouri. I added the cute little owl, he is supposed to be one that scares squirrels & other animals away, he makes owl sounds.  
 In the front left corner I added in a dianthus flower I had gotten on clearance. & as you can see on the right I have another one I just got but haven't added it into the soil yet. I'll be doing that this weekend. 
That weed you see is now out of there! This is right under a that has the little "airplanes" that come down & sprout everywhere. Ugh!
 Then I added in some cottage garden flower sprouts that I had winter sown in a milk jug behind the dianthus & in front of the rock. I then sprinkled a bunch of seeds in the soil, I can't remember exactly what they were because it was a big box from dollar tree & I sprinkled 2 different ones around that area.
 The wheelbarrow has rust on the inside so I added a piece of garden fabric to the bottom before adding the soil.
The last pictures are the very first pictures I took. & the first pictures are the last pictures I took. LOL. 

I loved making this, it's fun & I absolutely adore the different colors. I can't wait until all of the flowers are blooming!!! Do you have a wheelbarrow planter in your garden? Leave a comment below & let me know if you do & what you think of mine.

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-CraftyYoungMama (Diane)